March 24, 2015 - Kurt

It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint

So life has been getting in the way of all things creative, as life often does. No progress has been made on any of my writing. In fact, today was the first day I’ve opened Scrivener in months. Well, I need to change that. My day is filled with plenty of things but there’s always room for something important and a creative outlet is always important.

Speaking of life, mine has been all too sedentary for the last year and that’s something I need to change as well. There’s a shiny new fluid trainer for my bike sitting in the garage next to my newly cleaned Giant mountain bike that needs to be assembled. Then, my fat ass needs to get on that bike.

So my pledge here is three-fold: one, I pledge to spend at least 15 minutes a day here posting my thoughts, musings and just about anything else I can thing of but expect a couple of hundred words here let’s say, five out of seven days of the week. Second, I want to pledge that I will get at least two of my writing works to a reviewable status by June. They may be short stories, but they will be complete works, waiting to be murdered with the dreaded red pen. Lastly, once I return from Chicago next week, I will be riding 1+ miles a day on the aforementioned bike, either in stationary format or on the road. I have a twenty-five kilometer ride coming up in July that I really want to do and anyone who knows me knows that I can stand to lose some weight…well, a lot of weight.

So there, it’s out there.

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