May 29, 2015 - Kurt


Around the time of the “golden age of sail” they had this term called “Dead Reckoning.” Basically, it means that when you’re off course or the map’s wrong or whatever, you take your best guess of where you were, point yourself where you think you want to go and go that way. You check to see how far you went every once and awhile and make course corrections as needed. Sometimes you just get even further off course, maybe even end up on the rocks, but other times you end up discovering America.

In life, there is no right answer. There is no map. We’re all just out there in the middle of the ocean doing our best to stay above water. If you get blown off course, you can either give up and float around, or you can take a shot and keep going.

A year and a month ago…that’s when my buddy’s quote first found its way onto this page.

I’ve let a lot get away from me so I need to reaffirm some commitments here.

  • The eating habits are starting to shift but I need to be better about it.
  • That bike is not gonna ride itself. I need to get out there.
  • Finish that damn book…and those other stories while you’re at it.
  • On that last topic. I put the finishing touches on the final draft of Sparkles last night and I’m waiting for Createspace to approve the manuscript so I can order some proof copies. I’m halfway through the first half of editing for Solomon and most of my short story Under is edited and ready to go. With luck, I’ll have a few reading copies to share with friends and family by the time July rolls around..

    Anyway, that’s that.

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