June 1, 2015 - Kurt


…and not attached to one of those Proton-driven, rocket-propelled bombs the Russians keep screwing up.

In all seriousness, steps have been taken.

  • The diet is mostly back on track. Mostly. My weight has not increased and I’m about a pound away from my low mark since I started trying to eat better.
  • “Sparkles” is edited, formatted and waiting to proofed. I should have some print copies in hand soon.
  • Bounder is being actively edited. I’m committing edits that I was given by my delightful volunteer editors as well as fleshing out a few sections that were lacking some detail. With luck, this will go to proof by the end of the week.
  • Solomon and “Under” are both around 50% complete and that 50% is mostly edited. I plan to send what I have to print and create a sort of preview proof to share with friends and family.
  • If, and I say if, I can keep this momentum, after this round of editing is complete, I plan to finish the six or so short stories I have in various stages of disrepair and compile them by the end of August for release. I plan to put “Shabbat” at the head of the line because I want to submit it to this anthology, mostly just because a flyer ended up in my mailbox for it. I feel like “Shabbat” is a clever, contained story that I can crank out and polish for use as a conversation starter, even if I don’t get selected for this collection.
  • Speaking of “Shabbat,” it will be a potential jump off piece for a series of stories revolving around Agents Krank and Franklin, so when you read it, if you like those guys, let me know.

Anywho, that’s the latest from here in the mud.

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