July 13, 2015 - Kurt

The March to Release

It’s begun. I had some proofs done that are pretty close to final product for Bounder and “Sparkles.” I let some of the extended family read them last week and got a lot of solid feedback. Based on that, I’m firmly placing these stories in the Young Adult category. I managed to keep the plot and dialog in the “PG” column and I really feel the entire thing will appeal to a younger crowd. As far as the technical aspects of the book: the layout needs some tweaking, I’m adding a few pages with some detail about person, place, and thing, and I also have some text I’d like to flesh out a bit for clarity.

I’m trying some new time management techniques to try and fit more writing into my schedule as I’d like to have three companion stories to go with Bounder on release day. One is complete. One is a third of the way complete. The third exists as a sentence in a note. I guess I’d better get cracking.

Right now, release day is either August 25 or September 1. The latter is looking more viable as I have some work commitments to keep before then. The plan is to have a big social media push with friends and family along with options for signed copies and probably a few giveaways. Price point for Bounder is $2.99 digital and $4.99 for the dead tree version with the stories being $.99 digitally and $2.99 for the dead trees. Most likely, those who purchase Bounder will get one free.

As far as the future goes, I’d like to wrap up Solomon, the sequel to Bounder, during NaNoWriMo in November. I’ve got 16k words down on paper and see no issue adding another 50k with the story I need to tell. My rough outline is complete and with further detail, this should be a much easier experience than my first try.

Anywho, those are the facts as they currently stand. Look for more info here as the end of August draws nearer.

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